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CHATHAM COORDINATES™ Original Stamped Style Bracelet


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For someone who always wants to find his or her way back to Chatham, here is the CHATHAM COORDINATES ™ bracelet. It shows the latitude and longitude of Chatham and each bracelet is signed on the inside with the coordinates place name, “Chatham.” The sterling rectangle measures about 2 1/4″ x 3/8″ and it is available with black or brown leather. (Because the bracelet is leather and is glue-joined to the sterling end pieces we advise you do not wear it in water.)

This bracelet is all sterling silver, not gold; the color you see in the picture is due to the reflection of the sepia tone map underneath the bracelet. Other popular Cape Cod locations are available (see the LANDMARK COORDINATES™ for more information).

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1 review for CHATHAM COORDINATES™ Original Stamped Style Bracelet

  1. B-Cubed

    Coolest Bracelet I Own!

    Ordered a customized version of this bracelet, and it just arrived in the mail yesterday. I absolutely love it! I am wearing it “stacked” with some other silver and silver/leather bracelets, and it looks fabulous. It also looks great on its own. The customer service in the store was excellent, and the bracelet arrived within 3 days of my order. And the price can’t be beat — just saw a coordinates bracelet that I didn’t like nearly as much as this one for $300 in a catalog. What?! Seriously, get yourself this bracelet — you’ll be crazy about it.

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