Fish Cuff With Turquoise Eye



Our traditional fish cuff  is now over 20 years old and to celebrate the design we made a special edition in sterling with a turquoise eye.  The touch of turquoise is a perfect complement to the sterling silver. Like the traditional Chatham fish cuff bracelet, we make this special edition in three different sizes:

regular (about 7 1/4″);

small (about 6 ½”);

extra small (about 6″).

The bracelet measures about 1″ at its widest point (the tail) and 7/16″ at its smallest point at the back. The regular size fits most women’s wrists; the small is for a little (but not much) smaller wrist; and the extra small is for a petite 6″ wrist.

The cuff can be adjusted a bit, but it is not intended to be opened and closed much; just angle the cuff onto your wrist and enjoy it.



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