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Double Brass & Sterling Ring by Ritual Jewelry

SKU: RJ-PB0239Y-

The Ritual Jewelry rings from Santa Barbara, CA are great! This is a favorite that has three separate rings; two brass and one in the middle of sterling. It measures...

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Brass Hoops With Peridot by Ritual Jewelry


From the Ritual Jewelry Company in Santa Barbara, these double brass hoops measure about 1 1/16" across and have a small faceted peridot (the August birthstone) at the center

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Round Bowl With Topaz Earring by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1094Y

From the Ritual Jewelry company in Santa Barbara, CA, this sterling earring measures about ¾ " across and it has a faceted blue topaz at the center, surrounded by a...

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Hoops & Blue Topaz Earrings by Ritual


From Ritual Jewelry in Santa Barbara, CA come these very attractive 1 ⅛" diameter hoops. They are made of brass and copper, and the center stone is a round faceted...

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Silver Hoops by Ritual Jewelry

SKU: RJ-P1064Z-

These sterling silver hoops have small copper points all around the hoop. They are available in two sizes, large (1 1/2" diameter), and small (1" diameter) and they are from...

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Moonstone Circles by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1176Y

Beautiful moonstones set against silver and brass with sterling french wires. These measure about ½" across.

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Domed Shield Earrings by Ritual


These earrings are slightly domed hammered silver surrounded by copper and brass droplets. They measure about ⅞" across and hang on sterling drop wires.

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4 Circles Earrings by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1149Y

These silver and brass earrings measure about 1 3/16" diameter and hang on sterling french wires.  They are from Ritual Jewelry in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Ladder Earrings by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1164Y

Silver, copper, and brass rungs make this ladder earring from Ritual  something special! They measure about 1 ⅛" long.

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Labradorite In Sterling Circles by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1178Y

A new design from Ritual in Santa Barbara CA, these earrings measure about ½" diameter and feature nicely faceted labradorite stones at the center.

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