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3 Brass Plates Earrings by Ritual FINAL SALE No Return or Exchange

SKU: RJ-P1161Y0

You want dramatic.. how are these? These three brass plates dangle and shimmer about 1 ¾" long.  They are made by Ritual Jewelry from Santa Barbara, CA Final Sale No...

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Multi Wire Brass Hoops by Ritual FINAL SALE No Return or Exchange

SKU: RJ-P0783Y0

The most fun earring!  This one has 7 brass hoops that hang from a silver dot.  They measure about 2 x 1 ¼" and they are featherlight - you can...

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Brass Ring by Ritual FINAL SALE No Return or Exchange

SKU: RJ-P1156

The rich golden tones of pure brass shine in this beautiful ring by Ritual Jewelry in California. It measures about ⅝" across and it is one ring, not separate stacked...

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Mixed Metals Ring by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1155-

From the California-based Ritual Jewelry, this ring is a stunner! It is made of sterling silver, copper, and brass, all fashioned into one ring (i.e. these are not separate rings)....

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7-Band Stackable Ring by Ritual

SKU: RJ-P1230-

This sterling silver ring has 7 stacked bands and it measures about 9/16" wide. It's from the Ritual Jewelry studio in California.

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Long Oval Earrings by Ritual Jewelry

SKU: RJ-P1930Y

From Santa Barbara, CA, the Ritual Jewelry Company makes terrific affordable mixed metal pieces. These oval sterling and brass earrings measure about 1 ¾" long.

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Long Rectangle Earrings by Ritual Jewelry

SKU: RJ-P04110

Dramatic, and yet not overly so, these sterling rectangles measure about 1 ⅝" long and there is a brass 1 ¼" rectangle that floats over the silver piece. They hang...

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Stackable Ring by Ritual Jewelry

SKU: RJ-P1168Y-

This stackable ring is actually 7 bands, held together with a silver bar that can be removed if you like - wear one ring or all seven, it's your choice....

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Brass Dot Spinner Ring by Ritual Jewelry

SKU: RJ-G0597Y

Another new ring design from Ritual Jewelry of Santa Barbara, CA. This ring is oxidized brass with a gold tone and a silver spinning ring in the center. It measures about...

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Stackable Western Ring by Ritual Jewelry


Ritual Jewelry rings from Santa Barbara, CA are some of the most interesting creations for your fingers! This new design is already a hit and it is very difficult to...

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